SwizzTool V5
SwizzTool V5 Released! Please leave a comment if you like, tell me what you think!

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SwizzTool V5 with Installer/Uninstaller
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D, not sure at the moment what the problem could be, I will look into it... (time for an upgrade? ;) )

It crashed on Win98 after saying "Incorrect parameter" (with no more).

Please add keyboard shortcut: "Add New Alarm"

Thanks Bob and Magnus, shut down applications, I add it to the list.

Sorry to hear it's not working with the time alarms, you are sure you set the AM/PM thing correct? Could you tell me what Time format you use (for example in Sweden we use HH:mm:ss) and what country settings do you have in Windows?

If I can figure out what the problem is I will fix it...

Great tool, but....
but I'm only able to use the countdown type. When I choose time, nothing happens. Are there any specific service that I need to activate? I have turned some unnecessary services off, and everything else works(including all programs)I use Win xp sp2(with latest dotnet and so on).
Don't waste any time looking to fix this, I still think it is really usable. But if you've heard that others have had the same problem i would appreciate just a quick comment.
Great app anyway!

I love it. Startimg Aplications at a specified time is great! Now if I could only reliably shut them down the same way! Macros are not reliable. The window of the ap is always changing when running.

Hello Rap
Good idea, something like that could be very usefull, and I think I know a good way to implement it too so it would fit the program. Thanks

Hi Jonas,

Pretty cool tool - great. What do you think, is it possible to integrate a time-stop-function into Swizz for various system tasks? E.g.: I want to copy a whole CD towards the HDD with XP-Explorer and measure the time it takes. So it would be possible to say something about the speed of the CD-ROM-Drive. E.g. a 700 MByte disc would take 3 min., so the average transfer rate would be 3,89 Mbyte/s. This would be adaptable for every time-measuring for system tasks, to determine the effective speed for PC-components with modding and OC. What ya think?

Elin syrran
N�r du kommer hem ska jag k�pa en glass �t dig :-).. Saknar dig

Hello Plons,
I could add that to the settings, so the user can choose where to save it, would solve the problem right?

Thanks for your comment

Hi Jonas,

Nice tool. But I have to run it as User with Administrator-rights. As user with limited (XP)rights I get an error-message when I log off. SwizzTool wants to write memo.txt in C:Program FilesSwizztool. And writing to that destination is not allowed. A possible solution would be to store memo.txt in C:Documents and Settings
That would make the program really XP-compatible.

Hello Gunnar, thanks for your comment

You can do that by creating a Countdown alarm instead, and set that to 10 minutes.

Gunnar Moan
Nice utility. It looks like I can only specify a task to run once a day. I however need to run a task every 10 minutes. Extending SwizzTool to accomodate this requirement would make the tool perfect.

webspider, I have actually never tried it on NT :) so it won't even start? No error message or anything?

Thanks for your comment

hi, jonas!
i use swizztool since version 3.0 on XP, it works perfectly and i like it a lot! thank you!
but on the other PC (with windows NT) it doesn't work at all ... it's annoying, to have to use two different tools - even more if the second choice isn't half as good ::::(
any chance of having a version for NT? maybe an older one?

Thanks to Victor Uchoa for Portugu�s, Brasil translation

New icons... I add it to the todo list Phillip :)

Great stuff, something minor, could you give it a more modern looking tray icon? It looks sort of out of place in my tray but not crucial (only if you have time :)).

BlindWanderer, yes that is something I will fix for the next version, for now you can create different tasks that play different sounds and have them as alarm signels

Cool tool, been using it since 2.0 as an alarm clock. Now if you could just specify a sound for each alarm (defaulting to the default if one isn't specified but active).

Muy bueno!!. Felicitaciones.

You can create a task that opens an mp3 or even a playlist in your default mp3-player and use as alarm signal Silvernhorn

Nice. Neat. Handy. If it can play other fomrat sound files (eg. mp3), it will be superb.


this is fantastic

Thank you very much Matthew

Matthew Smith
Second donation sent, and well worth it...!


Matthew Smith
Thanks again, love the update...!

In fact so darn impressed, i'm gonna donate again...! :-)

Thanks Niklas and Billy, yes Billy that is something I will fix for the next version :)

hey jonas..i tried it today and loved it.i hope to use it from now on.great job!
i have a there a way to add an option that when u get an alarm..u could push a button that sais "remined me again in 30 minuts"or an hour..u know.sevral options.that would be great for the next version.:).
anyway..thanks for your good work..ill send your program all over isral.;)


really a great piece of software, thank you!

Thanks Kit, sorry to hear... I hope everything works out fine

Wonderful program...I wish I had the money to donate...but as it is...I'm about to go homeless.

Thanks Bill, yes new alarm types are something that will be added for the next version, but when that will be released I don't know

Wonderful program. I really need the ability to set monthly, two-weekly and other recurring alarms to remind me to do certain tasks, pay bills, etc. Have you any plans to add such a function.

Many thanks for great software?


Robert, try creating a "Day and Time" alarm, those can be set at every Monday at some time

Great app. Any chance of having the option to specify selected days in a week? Eg daily, but only Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun.



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